Zoe can…

… read! She read her first book today, followed by two more. They’re beginning reader books, but books nonetheless! We’ve been doing“reading lessons” for almost 2 weeks, and she’s just soaking it in.  Go Zoe!

…write! Along with reading, we’re working on writing, and she’s doing really well. She really enjoys practicing writing her letters.

… do yoga! I got a kids yoga DVD for her, and this is what she surprised us with yesterday:

…swim! She’s started swimming lessons again, and is working on the elementary backstroke and the regular forward stroke. (She’s used to swimming without using her arms.) She’s working hard and getting better and better!

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She’s a funny one

Two recent conversations with Zoe:

A dog barks outside.
Z: “That sounds like a fire dog!”
Me: “A dalmatian?”
Z: “No, I’m talking about a dog.”
Me: “Dalmatians are the kinds of dogs that fire fighters have.”
Z: “No, dalmatians are things we drive in.”
Me: “What?”
Z: “Like cars and buses and scooters and things.”
Me: “Ah, you’re thinking of transportation.”

explaining this keychain to Audrey:

“Tiny, this is the story of this book. George Washington was a boy who lived in Washington DC. He LOVED to play Jazz.”

Today was Z’s last day of preschool for the year. She’s looking forward to swimming lessons and reading lessons this summer.

And here she is, pretty little thing:

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Zoë is her mother’s daughter

Zoë is what some might call an active sleeper. On the nights when Audrey is causing a fuss and Z sleeps in our bed, I really do enjoy starting off my day by hearing her little voice say “good morning, daddy”. One thing I’m not a big fan of is her fist and feet of fury during the night. I have no idea how such a little thing can take up the entirety of a king size bed. (Granted, that sentence holds true for mother and daughter.  Last night, when I went to get in bed, here is how I found Zoë:

Once again, thanks to my new flash for helping me get this pic without waking Z

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My new favorite picture

A moment of tranquility during the madness that was dinner.


Run DMZ (Z is for Zoë)

Today I was at Costco and saw a pink track suit that I thought would be perfect for Zoë.  I also got in a new flash for my camera…I think you can see where this is going.

As Z would say, “I am proud to present Zoë, from W W I Z!!”

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Conversation with a frustrated Zoe

Me: Excuse me?
Zoe: I said, Oh Mother.
Me: Who says that? Where did you hear it?
Zoe: It’s like Pooh bear says. But he says, “Oh Father”.
Me: No…. he says, “Oh bother”.
oe: Oh. I’m sorry.


Zoë holding court

A repost from Maryanne’s site:

My friend Stephanie just posted this picture on her blog, and I immediately asked her for a copy, because it captures the essence of Zoe like no other.


This was taken at her birthday party, as she was surrounded by her “little boys” as she calls them (”Is my little boy Ben going to be there?”), basking in the attention in which she is so at home.

Ah, I love it.

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Fun day at the pool

It’s been pretty hot the last couple of days so we decided to spend an afternoon at the pool. Zoë’s is such an excellent little swimmer now. She’s at the point where she can swim across the width of the pool, popping her head up to take breaths along the way. We overheard 2 other parents saying “look at that little girl swimming” to their children.

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This is absolutely what I live for


Watch out world, Zoe Calamity is 3!

Yesterday was Miss Zoe’s birthday, and she celebrated in style. (And will be continuing to celebrate through the rest of this week.)
She woke up to balloons from her daddy (bliss, in her world) 100_2529
and one of them even *gasp* sings, making it the coolest balloon ever.

She tore into her presents- although her technique was more like that of Bert on A Sesame Street Christmas(go to 6:56, you’ll see what I mean) – and was enraptured with her “shorts and a Wall-E shirt to go with them!!” (pajamas) from Tiny:

She insisted on wearing the shirt on our adventures for the day, and then had to wear it to bed too. Hopefully she’ll let me take it off of her this morning.


She also got an Einsteins music set, full of percussion-y goodness, and a Word World Barn playset.

Then she got to open her presents from her grandma and grandaddy and Aunt Hayden, which she was very excited about.


After playing for a while we headed out on our adventure of the day, Marine World!

Zoe really wasn’t sure about the whole prospect as we entered the park underneath all of the huge roller coasters and people screaming, but once we got into the African animal area, she hit her stride, going on rides with her daddy and looking at animals.


We went to the Shouka the Orca show (which also featured dolphins), and even though Z wanted to leave part way through to go on more rides, she later referenced it as her favorite part of the day. (These pictures are kind of wonky, but it was hard getting a good angle while holding Tiny.)



The park has a Thomas the Train area, and luckily we went on a “Zoe loves Thomas the Train day” (she goes back and forth on the issue) and she had a fantastic time riding on Thomas the train and Harold (?) the helicopter and Bertie the bus. The whole time she kept saying how much her friends Grant and Kellen would love to be there, because “they LOVE Thomas momma”.




A few rides later and it was time for us to go, much to her chagrin. But before we left she played a game of strength (one of those where you hit the thing with a mallet and try to hit the bell) and she won a kitty on a leash who has been named Oobadoop.

She crashed on the way home, and really, you can’t ask for a better end of an adventure than that.

And then there was cake:

Some quick Zoe’s 3 stats
She’s 39 (ish) inches tall
She’s 29 (ish) pounds
She can pretty reliably pee on the potty
She loves to swim, run, jump, dance, sing
She has an insane vocabulary and a pretty funny repertoire of idioms
She has, on any given day, 6-7 imaginary friends (little buddies)
She’s got a green thumb- her 4 plants are growing like weeds! (And no, they’re not weeds.)
She adores her little sister, as long as she’s not trying to play with her toys. 😉

Now, some answers from her:
Favorite shows: Word World, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Little Einsteins, Micky Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite movie: Wall-E
Favorite book: Cars (no, she has never seen the movie)
Best friend: Ben
Favorite song to listen to: Go Speed Racer by Ali Dee and the Dekompressors
Favorite song to sing: Bathtub (which is a song she wrote, the lyrics are: “bathtub, bathtub, bathtub, bathtub, bathtub, bathtub, truck!)
Favorite thing to do: Go for a hike. “Where?” In the woods, I’m not scared of monsters. (Just for the record, she has never been on a hike.)
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: strawberries
Favorite toy: dolls. actuoo (actually) princesses.

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