Conversation with a frustrated Zoe

Me: Excuse me?
Zoe: I said, Oh Mother.
Me: Who says that? Where did you hear it?
Zoe: It’s like Pooh bear says. But he says, “Oh Father”.
Me: No…. he says, “Oh bother”.
oe: Oh. I’m sorry.


Watch out world, Zoe Calamity is 3!

Yesterday was Miss Zoe’s birthday, and she celebrated in style. (And will be continuing to celebrate through the rest of this week.)
She woke up to balloons from her daddy (bliss, in her world) 100_2529
and one of them even *gasp* sings, making it the coolest balloon ever.

She tore into her presents- although her technique was more like that of Bert on A Sesame Street Christmas(go to 6:56, you’ll see what I mean) – and was enraptured with her “shorts and a Wall-E shirt to go with them!!” (pajamas) from Tiny:

She insisted on wearing the shirt on our adventures for the day, and then had to wear it to bed too. Hopefully she’ll let me take it off of her this morning.


She also got an Einsteins music set, full of percussion-y goodness, and a Word World Barn playset.

Then she got to open her presents from her grandma and grandaddy and Aunt Hayden, which she was very excited about.


After playing for a while we headed out on our adventure of the day, Marine World!

Zoe really wasn’t sure about the whole prospect as we entered the park underneath all of the huge roller coasters and people screaming, but once we got into the African animal area, she hit her stride, going on rides with her daddy and looking at animals.


We went to the Shouka the Orca show (which also featured dolphins), and even though Z wanted to leave part way through to go on more rides, she later referenced it as her favorite part of the day. (These pictures are kind of wonky, but it was hard getting a good angle while holding Tiny.)



The park has a Thomas the Train area, and luckily we went on a “Zoe loves Thomas the Train day” (she goes back and forth on the issue) and she had a fantastic time riding on Thomas the train and Harold (?) the helicopter and Bertie the bus. The whole time she kept saying how much her friends Grant and Kellen would love to be there, because “they LOVE Thomas momma”.




A few rides later and it was time for us to go, much to her chagrin. But before we left she played a game of strength (one of those where you hit the thing with a mallet and try to hit the bell) and she won a kitty on a leash who has been named Oobadoop.

She crashed on the way home, and really, you can’t ask for a better end of an adventure than that.

And then there was cake:

Some quick Zoe’s 3 stats
She’s 39 (ish) inches tall
She’s 29 (ish) pounds
She can pretty reliably pee on the potty
She loves to swim, run, jump, dance, sing
She has an insane vocabulary and a pretty funny repertoire of idioms
She has, on any given day, 6-7 imaginary friends (little buddies)
She’s got a green thumb- her 4 plants are growing like weeds! (And no, they’re not weeds.)
She adores her little sister, as long as she’s not trying to play with her toys. 😉

Now, some answers from her:
Favorite shows: Word World, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Little Einsteins, Micky Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite movie: Wall-E
Favorite book: Cars (no, she has never seen the movie)
Best friend: Ben
Favorite song to listen to: Go Speed Racer by Ali Dee and the Dekompressors
Favorite song to sing: Bathtub (which is a song she wrote, the lyrics are: “bathtub, bathtub, bathtub, bathtub, bathtub, bathtub, truck!)
Favorite thing to do: Go for a hike. “Where?” In the woods, I’m not scared of monsters. (Just for the record, she has never been on a hike.)
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: strawberries
Favorite toy: dolls. actuoo (actually) princesses.

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At this moment

Zoe is playing with her toy Parker (a 12″ Mustang replica). She is holding open it’s door and calling, “Puppies, come in this door!”

That is all.


Zoe’s story

Zoe told me a story this morning.  Each part came with prompting from me (ie. What animal? What did she do?)  and “a witch!” is accompanied by a flick of the magic wand, kind of like abracadabra. The princess was inspired by one of the fairy princesses on her blanket.

The princess saw a frog.
She said, “a witch!”
The frog ran away.
She saw another animal.
She saw a giraffe.
She said, “a witch!”
The giraffe ran away.
She saw another animal.
It had long legs.
It was a spider.
She had her wand.
She said, “a witch!”
It ran away.
She saw another animal.
It was a cow.
It said “moo!”
She said, “a witch!”
The cow ran away.
Me: ” Did the fairy princess have a friend?”
Princess had a cow.
Me:”Did she say “a witch!” to the cow?”
No, they hug.

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Momma, I naked!

Yesterday Zoe was supposed to be taking a nap, but had been singing and playing in her bed for about an hour instead. I heard her say, “Momma, I need help!” so I went in to see what was going on, and when she saw me come in she stood up and proudly proclaimed, “Momma, I naked!”.  And indeed, she had managed to take her shirt off, and was very pleased with herself. All I could do was laugh, and when she asked to get out of bed, I figured she’d earned it.

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Zoë is one polite little lady!

Z has been doing a wonderful job picking up manners. She is very quick to say “please” and “thank you” and is always gracious when receiving gifts or help. Last week, however, she completely floored us.

I had got her out bed around 7 or so and we sat around playing until it got a little closer to 8 and I needed to get ready for work. I said “Zoë, so you want to go see mommy?” she excitedly said “oh, yeah!” like I had just reminded her that Maryanne existed. We walked into our room and Z, upon seeing Maryanne asleep, looked back with a hesitant expression on her face. I said, “go ahead” and she slowly walked over to Maryanne’s side of the bed.

In a sweet little voice she said, “excuse me….excuse me, momma”.

Maryanne said it was one of the best wakeups ever.

I’m kinda partial to the mornings when my door busts open and I hear Z scream “Daddy!!”, but to each his own.

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A site rarely photographed

Usually we are firm believers in letting a sleepy Zoë lie, but M was able to grab these great shots while Z was past due getting up from a nap.


Words Zoe can say

Zoe has undergone a vocabulary explosion in the last weeks, and she now says:


Hello (which comes out “hewwo!” – hilarious)



Daddy (also daddo, dada)

Grandma- “Ama”

KyKy- her cousin, who she adores





Dog (although she usually doesn’t say it, she usually makes a blowing motion, which is her version of “ruff ruff”)

Raisin (“raiseee”)

Carrot (I can’t write the pronunciation because I can’t actually remember right now how she says it, but its consistent)


Cheese, please, keys, (which all sound very similar)

Purple (this one is actually amazingly well ennunciated)

Blue (“goo” or “Boo”, depending on the day)

Yellow (“ello”

George (“gorge”) as in Curious George





necklace (that one’s new today)

Jack (her little friend, also new today)

Bubbles (also very clearly ennunciated)

Coat, cold, clothes (all sound somewhat like “Cou” but have slight differences)

Minnie Mouse (“Mee Mou.. sss”)

Ernie- “ermie”


That way (always said emphatically- “AT WAY!”)




Stinky (She loves to run up to things, like walls or windows or garage doors and yell “Tinky!” and crack up)

Up (means up, or out, as in, get me out of here)

Breakfast (“Brefass”, means cereal or, in the morning means, I want to leave my room and go out in the living room)

Water (“Wawa”)




Banana (I can’t even begin to write how she says this, but it’s hilarious)



Bus – Sometimes this is also signified by moving her arms around to indicate the wheels on the bus

Beep- Sometimes she says it, sometimes she does the horn sign from the wheels on the bus song. Her usage of the word usually indicates an alarm of some kind that she hears.

Tickle- “ticka ticka”

Meow- “neeowww”


Thank you



Glasses (“gasses”)

Then there are the “Zoe language” words, sounds that either bear no resemblance to the word she means, but are consistent; or motions, like sign language.

Monkey- “E, e, e” like the sound a monkey makes

Lion – a lion’s roar

Snake- “Ssss”

Frog- a big ribbitty kind of sound, except if it was done by someone who couldn’t say ribbitt
Alphabet- “Eeees”. When you ask her to say the alphabet, it goes something like “E,o, e, o, s, o ,e, o” so Eees means alphabet. It also specifically means she wants to listen to the They Might Be Giants Here Come the ABC’s CD.
Pirates, and/ or Backyardigans- “Arrr!” Any Backyardigan’s item or show is designated by the “Arr!” sound, as they have a pirate song that she loves. It’s highly amusing when she uses the sound to indicate the Backyardigan’s super spy book she has. Because apparently spies are also pirates.

Train- “Choo choo”

Stars- wiggles her hands above her head

Airplane- points up, sometimes in conjunction with the word “Daddy!”. (B went on a trip and when she would ask for him I would remind her he went on an airplane- it was easier than explaining the concept of Texas- and now she thinks he rides around on planes all day.)

Phone- “hewwo!” or hello

Sleep- a snoring sound, accompanied by a tilt of the head. This never means that she wants to sleep, but rather that she wants B to go lay down and pretend to sleep so that she can “wake him up” and he’ll chase and tickle her
Other random accomplishments/developments:

Even though she can only say blue and purple, she can pretty consistently point out all the different colors.

She can point out the letters “O”, “e” and “s”, and say their names. (All she needs is Z and she’s got her name down!)

As we’ve been reading the last couple days, I’ll leave words out of the sentence that I know she can pronounce to see if she remembers how the books go, and she’s been blowing me away. Some of the words she’s getting from the pictures, but most she’s remembering. Yay!

She’s throwing and kicking balls with much more dexterity than she previously had been.

When we’re outside, she notices cats, dogs, and birds- sometimes indicating that she hears, rather than sees, the birds. She likes to watch ants, and is skittish of rolypoly bugs. She loves pointing out airplanes and trains when she hears/sees them.

She’s figured out how to use the key fob to open the gates around the apartment building (when she can reach the sensor), but she hasn’t yet figured out how to get to the gate quick enough to actually open it.

She just started putting a possessive S on words, indicating something is momma’s or daddy’s. The s comes after a pause and is very deliberate, and therefore, very funny.

She also referred to herself as “me” today. She still can’t say Zoe, but Z is a hard letter to say!

I think that’s it for now. I’m sure there will be more tomorrow!

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Bottlegate folllowup, and, Zoe’s a nut

Still no bottle, sippycups rule the day.

I just looked over at Zoe, who was looking at me deviously from the table. All the blueberries on her plate were gone, which seemed unlikely, so on a hunch I looked down her shirt. No blueberries, but a baby carrot. When I found it she grinned at me, a sure indication that it’s placement was no accident. Now she has another carrot down there, and some goldfish. Who am I to judge her artistic expression?

(Apparently she actually ate the blueberries; I haven’t found them anywhere else.)

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Trash or treasure?

When I was about 20 months old, I threw my binky (we called them “dummys”) in the toilet. My mom took the opportunity to say it was gone forever, and take advantage of the fact that, as I was 20 months old, I wouldn’t necessarily figure out that I owned more than one dummy. (She reports that she then ran around the house like a crazy person trying to find all the dummys and hide them.) Hence my days of dummys were over.

I mention this because Zoe threw her bottle away today. She finished the milk she was drinking and was standing near the trash can and just put the bottle right in it. So what did I do? Followed my mom’s example, of course. Her bottle is gone, (although it’s really hiding in a cupboard- I’m not stupid, nor am I that wasteful- a binky yes, but not a bottle) and now she only gets sippy cups. We went through the rest of the evening with no meltdown over it, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow when it really sinks in. I’m not looking forward to the early morning when she usually wakes up, has a bottle, and goes back to bed for a couple hours- I have the feeling the sippy cup might not go over so well. But, all things must come to an end. (I’m not sure if I’m referring to the bottle or me getting a couple extra hours of sleep. I hope it’s the bottle. I like to sleep.)

Like mother, like daughter, I guess.

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