The house

Hello, I am Zoe.  I am in Japan right now.  We have a house and I like it.

We (my sister and I) have a bunk bed. There is a little ladder that has four steps and then you have to climb over the rail of the bed. I just discovered how to climb up the side of the bed. We got the bed yesterday. I sleep on the top. Tiny sleeps on the bottom.

My house has a secret tea room. There are two ways to get outside. There is a secret crawling door and a door that you have to open three layers to get out. One is a door you have to latch open, the next is a screen door, and the next one you have to lift up and down. The tea room is tatami and a little bit of wood. There are three closets but there is a pantry outside the tearoom in the closet that leads into the tearoom. The tearoom is traditional Japanese. We go there for privacy and sometimes to play. There is a hiding spot that you need a person who is outside to close.

The only shower we have, the whole room that it’s in is the shower place. There is also a bathtub, but we use the whole room to take a shower. We call it the shower room.

My mom and dad’s room is all tatami. Tatami is thin and kind of looks like long pieces of spaghetti tied together.  You put tatami on the floor instead of carpet. There is a little platform that is wood.

There are a lot of closets in our house.

We have a small, but bigger back yard than our neighbors. The back yard has some Japanese things.  There are stone statues and bushes. There is no dirt, just rocks. There is a stone pathway that leads to a little patch in the front of the house that is a driveway. I like the backyard. It has rocks to play on.

I’ll post more later. If you want to ask questions you can in the comments.

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What Zoe likes about Japan:The apartment

Welcome back to my blog! I am back in Japan  and today I am going to take you to the  apartment.  The apartment is in Daikanyama   a  place in  Tokyo and also home to  baby stores. The apartment building is big. It has eight floors. We are on the fifth floor. The apartment room is also big. The living room is really big. The bedroom can fit my bed and Tiny’s futon but also it has a closet that can fit Tiny’s futon if you roll it up, so we put it there in the daytime so that there is space for me and Tiny to play.


This picture (above) is the living room.


This is Tiny and my bedroom.



This is the view from our window. You can see the Tokyo Tower on the left. At nighttime, before we close the curtains, Tiny and I look out and see if it is glowing. It usually is. On the right, toward the bottom of the picture, is the train station. I sometimes watch at morning and evening to see if I can see my Dad. I sometimes can.

Daikanyama is very nice.

If you have any questions, put them in the comments and I’ll answer them.

That’s all for now- Zoe

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what Zoe likes about japan:disneyland

So you all know about my last post about things in Japan, and some about Tokyo Disneyland, but this is the whole story. Well, not the whole story, but some of it.

When we got on the train, I asked Daddy how many trains we would take and he said,”three”. And I said, “Yay!”  Then we took the three trains and when we got to our stop we went down some stairs and I saw a sign that said Tokyo Disney Resort. I said, “Daddy, are we going to that place?” I thought it was just a hotel. He said, “Yes.”  Then we walked out of the train station and I saw a sign that said Tokyo Disneyland and I said YAY! That’s when I knew it was actually Disneyland.

We walked inside and went on some rides. It was pretty fun. We got to stay up until after nine o’clock and watch a parade and see fireworks.




Then we went to a comfy hotel and had a yummy breakfast and then went to Disney Sea. We went on some rides there and they were really fun.

Sorry, that all for today!

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Things Zoe likes: Tokyo Disney

Last week I went to Tokyo Disneyland! And I went on the Haunted Mansion. It was all Nightmare Before Christmas, which is a movie about Halloween town with a skeleton named Jack who wants another holiday to be in. In the ride there were mirrors that made it look like a character was sitting with you, but it wasn’t scary. There were lots of jack in the boxes. The first one scared me. The rest were cute. There were cards hanging from the ceiling that looked like they were 3D. I liked the part where you turned around and went down backwards. It was really fun.

The next day we went to Disney Sea, which is like California Adventure but it’s all about the sea. My favorite ride was a roller coaster that was really fast and it went a big circle upside down. That’s the first time I’ve ever gone on a roller coaster like that and I really liked it. I was just a little bit nervous, but really excited. I went with Daddy.

I also liked Jasmine’s Flying Carpets. It was a ride where you stand by a gate with a number and then you went to a carpet, which was a car, and there were two levers, one in the front and one in the back. When you wanted to go down, you would pull the lever down, and you would tilt backwards. And when you wanted to go up, you would push the lever up, and you would tilt up. If you had two people then when the back went up the people in the front would go down. On that ride there was no line at all.


UPDATE:  Here is a picture of Z after riding the roller coaster

z after her ride

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Things that Zoe likes in Japan

In Japan there are  lots of things, but everything is good. I really like it. I really like that the candy tastes different than at home. It tastes sweeter. There is a candy store in Harajuku where there is hard circle candy. You have to suck on it a little bit before you can bite into it. You can watch them make that candy in the store.

A place I like in Japan is Ginza. There are lots of candy stores in Ginza, lots of chocolate stores. There’s a cool train station there too. I also like the zoo in Ueno. It has pandas!

I like Shibuya because it is the place where lights are at night. It looks like Tokyo in the movies.

I also like the Shinagawa Aquarium. There are dolphins and a dolphin show. In the dolphin show the dolphins jump and ring a bell with their noses. The trainer throws a Frisbee and the dolphin swims over and puts its tummy on it and swims really fast and it makes water fly up into the air and people get splashed.



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