This month: Girls! Week one: Intro & books about girls.

Girls are important. If girls weren’t important why would they exist? Girls are super AWESOME and some people don’t notice it.

Now a good way to notice  how AWESOME  girls are is to read books about them. Here are some of my favorites  : 1 Emily Windsnap. It’s about a GIRL who is half mermaid half human. 2 Completely  Cassidy. It’s about a GIRL who accidentally gets a great grade in school and becomes a genius.3 Anastasia  Krupnik . It’s  about a GIRL  who…. who…. it’s really hard to describe this book. Just it’s a really really REALLY good book. And number 4 : The Thea Sisters. It’s about some mice who are … can you guess ? yes!!!! GIRLS!!!! and they solve mysteries. And last but not least….. number 5: Emma Dilemma . It’s about a GIRL who gets into all sorts of trouble.  That’s it but remember  those books are only some of  the  books about GIRLS . There are more like Cupcake Diaries  and Sew Zoey ( both are some of  my favorites ) but remember  GIRLS ARE  AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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