The house

Hello, I am Zoe.  I am in Japan right now.  We have a house and I like it.

We (my sister and I) have a bunk bed. There is a little ladder that has four steps and then you have to climb over the rail of the bed. I just discovered how to climb up the side of the bed. We got the bed yesterday. I sleep on the top. Tiny sleeps on the bottom.

My house has a secret tea room. There are two ways to get outside. There is a secret crawling door and a door that you have to open three layers to get out. One is a door you have to latch open, the next is a screen door, and the next one you have to lift up and down. The tea room is tatami and a little bit of wood. There are three closets but there is a pantry outside the tearoom in the closet that leads into the tearoom. The tearoom is traditional Japanese. We go there for privacy and sometimes to play. There is a hiding spot that you need a person who is outside to close.

The only shower we have, the whole room that it’s in is the shower place. There is also a bathtub, but we use the whole room to take a shower. We call it the shower room.

My mom and dad’s room is all tatami. Tatami is thin and kind of looks like long pieces of spaghetti tied together.  You put tatami on the floor instead of carpet. There is a little platform that is wood.

There are a lot of closets in our house.

We have a small, but bigger back yard than our neighbors. The back yard has some Japanese things.  There are stone statues and bushes. There is no dirt, just rocks. There is a stone pathway that leads to a little patch in the front of the house that is a driveway. I like the backyard. It has rocks to play on.

I’ll post more later. If you want to ask questions you can in the comments.

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  • mindy says:

    Thank you for posting. I like tatami too (do you walk on it in bare feet? I like the way it feels under my toes, but I don’t remember if it’s polite to be barefooted in your own tatami room).

  • Grandma H says:

    What a great description of the house. Thanks for writing it. I am so glad you are enjoying the secret tea room. Not many people get to have a secret room in their house. Please write more about your adventures. I love you so much!

  • Brandy says:

    Hi Zoe-

    Thank you for posting this blog about your house! Can you tell me what the statues are of in your back yard?

    I hope you can write more again soon!


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