What Zoe likes about Japan:The apartment

Welcome back to my blog! I am back in Japan  and today I am going to take you to the  apartment.  The apartment is in Daikanyama   a  place in  Tokyo and also home to  baby stores. The apartment building is big. It has eight floors. We are on the fifth floor. The apartment room is also big. The living room is really big. The bedroom can fit my bed and Tiny’s futon but also it has a closet that can fit Tiny’s futon if you roll it up, so we put it there in the daytime so that there is space for me and Tiny to play.


This picture (above) is the living room.


This is Tiny and my bedroom.



This is the view from our window. You can see the Tokyo Tower on the left. At nighttime, before we close the curtains, Tiny and I look out and see if it is glowing. It usually is. On the right, toward the bottom of the picture, is the train station. I sometimes watch at morning and evening to see if I can see my Dad. I sometimes can.

Daikanyama is very nice.

If you have any questions, put them in the comments and I’ll answer them.

That’s all for now- Zoe

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  • Anna says:

    Hi Zoe! Are there other children in your building that you have made friends with yet?

  • Mike S says:

    I wish I could see my dad at the train station! But he lives in Chile now and I don’t know if they even have trains. I’ll have to ask him if they have trains and glowing towers in Chile.

    Is there Chile in Daikanyama?

  • Nancy Fairchild says:

    Great post, Zoe. I really get a good idea from you about what your apartment is like!

  • Dottie says:

    Your apartment looks very nice, but I am thinking that the house that you will eventually will live in is going to be a very special place. I’m sure you are going to be able to have play adventure in that garden. I love the tea room and wish I could come and have tea with you in it. Give your mom a hug for me.

  • Grandma H says:

    What a nice description. I like the way you added so many details. I agree with Dottie. I think you are going to like your magical house even more. Keep enjoying the adventure, and keep writing about it. Love you and miss you.

  • Brandy says:

    Zoe thank you so much for telling me about your apartment. What kinds of games do you and Tiny play after you put Tiny’s futon in the closet?

  • Meaghan Salden says:

    Love your post. Suck beautiful writing. I am glad you are having fun!

  • Hello, Zoe. If you could paint your room in the apartment what color would you choose? And which is best… sliding closet doors or swinging closet doors?

  • mindy says:

    Thank you, Zoe, for posting this. What do you think about the baby stores? When you go on your adventures, do you take the train from the same station as your dad? Do you have school in your room usually, or in the big living room? I’m so glad you’re getting to live in Japan.

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