I’m gonna be a movie star

Zoe’s been a little… shall we say, whiny, lately. And when I say a little, I mean a lot. I mean almost constantly whiny. We’ve tried a number of things to combat this tendency, but I think I just struck on a winner. At the end of her nap today, I went in to get her, and she whined, ” Momma, me up!”. Suddenly inspired, I said, “I’m going to go back outside, and I’m going to come back in, and you try asking me again, but without whining”. She wasn’t too sure about it, but when I poked my head back in the door and said “Ok, go!” she started laughing and called “Mommy!” happily, and then when I came in, said “Momma, me up?’ very nicely. I suggested we practice again, and she cracked up and we “rehearsed” 3 or 4 more times.

We’ve had a couple more whiny incidents since then, and each time I suggest that she try again, and then we rehearse and rehearse and rehearse, and would probably still be rehearsing if it was up to her- it’s her new favorite game. This, combined with her mugging for the camera suggests a budding actress in our midst. :)

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