Today I was carrying Zoe and she had her mouth open, and I caught a flash of white toward the back of her mouth. I thought, that couldn’t possibly be a tooth, she still has one in the front that hasn’t come in yet. I tried to get her to open her mouth again all day, and finally when I was brushing her teeth I got a good look. And there it was, a tooth! I called B in to see, and in the course of him trying to get a look, we realized that she has another tooth on the other side, as well as the one in the front that we’d been waiting for. 3 teeth that just snuck up on us! Sneaks! This explains why she’s been so persnickety lately about me brushing her teeth, and why her mood has improved drastically over the last couple days. Hooray for teeth!

PS, they’re not molars, they’re the 3rd teeth back.

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