Can’t hold me down!

Zoe’s been progressing at a stunning rate, doing things almost daily that just shock and amaze us. Last night she walked (Yes, WALKED!) 4 steps from the table to B’s computer chair, and then did it again, and again. Two or so days ago, she was listening to a toy her grandma got her and sang along to the end of the song, saying “hello, goodbye” pretty clearly. Today we went swimming, and she started paddling her arms (she already kicks her feet) and really wanted me to just let go so she could go. I wasn’t quite ready to do that, but she sure was! This morning I said (not figuring anything would come of it) “Why don’t you put your spoons in your backpack?”. A few seconds later she brought the backpack over to me, with about 4 plastic spoons in it. She just blows me away. Right now she’s protesting taking a nap, and is very sad that I won’t come get her. I’ll probably give in in just about a second, I’m kind of a sucker that way.

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