Zoë’s first trip…

Well, we decided (against the usual naysayers advice) to take Zoë on her first trip down to San Diego. During the trip, she officially hit 5 weeks old. She did amazingly well. We were worried about the flight down, but she ended up eating on and off through the trip down to San Diego and sleeping through the whole flight back. She was a model passenger.

We got in around 1:30 and headed over to Comic-Con. Comic-Con has been a regular event through our lives given that her momma worked in the industry for quite some time. One of the interesting things about Comic-Con is its where we get to see a lot of our friends. Our friend Justin let us stay at his house since he would be staying at a hotel next to the convention center, for which we are extremely thankfull for. It was nice to have a place larger than a hotel room where we could have some down time.

While at the convention, we got to see plenty of our friends. We saw Joe and Dottie, all of Maryanne’s cronies at Oni Press, crazy Tommy, the Moore’s, Judd and a few others that I am sure I’m forgetting. Zoë did well at the convention, but I have to admit that the parking and crowds bugged me a little. To unwind after the convention on Friday, we headed over to Lolita’s for some comfort food.

Friday evening and most of Saturday, we got to hang out with our great friends, the Stier’s. Ben and Jessica were some of our first friends in San Diego and we’ve kept in touch with them when we left. They have two wonderfull kids, Uly (Zoë’s future husband) and Garland. We had a great time sitting around talking, eventhough it was 102 degrees in San Diego that weekend. We had a blast spending time with them and can’t wait to go back and visit again soon.

You can see some pictures from our trip by clicking on this link.

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