Zoë loves deadlines…

Well Zoë, your arrival seemed to be one of forced deadlines. Your official due date was June 7th with an induction scheduled for June 16th. The 7th came and went as your mommy and daddy waited around for you to arrive. Up to the point we went to sleep the night of the 15th, we really didn’t have much indication from your side that you were making any moves to leave your comfy place in your momma’s stomach. Well, we woke up on the 16th and sure enough contractions were starting. So we loaded up into the car and headed on to the hospital.

We got in around 8:30 and about 9:30 they started your mom on Pitocine to help the contractions come along. After about 2 hours, things were progressing pretty steadily and the Doctor came in to break the water. Once this happened, things kinda went into full speed ahead and they soon moved your mommy over to the delivery room. If I remember correctly, this was about 12:30 or so. Things were getting a little hectic for your mom, so the anesthesiologist came in and hooked up the epidural, which helped a lot because she was in a lot of pain at that point. It took just a few moments for it to take effect, but once it did, things were in good shape. It was at this point that I went down to get something to eat real quick since it seemed to suddenly be 2 in the afternoon.

Around 3:00, things started getting hectic and your momma knew it was time for you to come out, so she started pushing. This went on for about 2 hours. We think it would have been a little quicker, but the nurse that came in to relieve our wonderful original nurse Natashia was, well, terrible. I’m sure your mommy has more to say on that subject, I’ll just say that I was very close to kicking the new nurse out of the room.

At about 5:00, 4 little doctors poured into the delivery room to help get you out. One of the doctors was there and ready to use the vacuum pump to help pull you out. We think it was the threat of having a pump stuck to your head that gave you the desire to leave on your own accord. The 4 little doctors all cheered your mommy and on and with one last push you came shooting out, hand clutched around your imbelical cord like you were Tarzan. Right away you were screaming loudly, which was a huge relief for us all. As much as your momma and I thought it was kinda gross how in all the birthing movies they immediately put the baby up on the mother’s chest, it was certainly a wonderfull way to see you for the first time.

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